Resident Support Teams Training/Review

Quick Message from WayForward Director Dominic Risotto

Module 1 – Gospel Conversations

Resident Support Teams are intended to be a blessing to each and every property where they work. A good interaction starts with your preparation before you leave your apartment. Have you prayed? Are you excited to see God work? Are you dressed in a presentable manner? Are you ready to share the hope of Jesus with residents? The videos below are simple instructional videos to help you think through your commitments to WayForward as RSTs.

Door Video: Robbie gives do’s and don’ts of door knocking!

One of the weekly tasks for all RSTs is to make their activity report on Sundays before 5PM. This is our regular opportunity to hear all that God is doing on each property. The report is called: Rejoice, Reflect, Report. The video below gives a simple explanation of how to fill out the google reporting form.

Rejoice, Reflect, Report: How to report by Jim Ball.

The 411 is the most basic tool that every RST receives as training. Why share the gospel. Who we share the gospel with. What we say to share the gospel. When will we follow up with interested residents? These 4 questions outline the first work and regular work of the RST. Watch this video to get a quick overview. The full recorded training is included in the links below.

411 Introductory Video – WayForward Coach Chad Mason

Module 2 – Discovery Bible Studies (DBS)

Module 2 Overview: Jim Ball gives us a quick introduction to starting your own Discovery Bible Study.

On-Going Discipleship Resources

10 Stories (Commands of Christ)

The 10 Stories is a powerful lesson set for new or nominal believers. It walks through the basic teachings and commands of Jesus to his disciples. This tool has been used to train young believers how to start following Jesus and how to share their faith with those around them.

7 Stories of Hope

7 Stories of Hope is designed for a non-believer or nominal believer. It seeks to show the unconditional love and acceptance of the lost through Jesus’ Ministry. It will study stories like the woman at the well, Zaccheus, and others. This is a perfect study for someone interested in faith but not ready to commit to Christ.

Signs of John

This powerful study shows the unique and powerful ministry of Jesus through the eyes of John. It focuses on the power dynamics evident in Jesus’ ministry. This study is especially focused on Muslim and Catholic background populations.

Zumé Online Training

Zumé is a powerful video-based discipleship tool that any leader can take a group through. As long as you have a digital device that can be shared on any smart screen, it will give practical tools for disciple-making and church planting.

No Place Left Tools

No Place Left is a network of organic church planters within the US that have worked hard to develop Discovery Bible Study tools. These links will give you access to hundreds of new tools and strategies for making disciple-makers.

Ningun Lugar Sin Alcanzar

Reproduciendo discípulos e iglesias hasta no quedar #NingúnLugarSinAlcanzar

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